Buy & build

Seizing the opportunity to become a market leader

There are many reasons why a buy-and-build strategy can be attractive. Such as an increase in scale, a broader product portfolio or gaining access to new markets. In any case, buy-and-builds are highly complex. Requiring a lot of effort to execute transactions and seamlessly integrate new assets into an existing organization.

At Torqx we know how to successfully realize buy-and-build programs. Providing the funds as well as the expert resources to support you. Helping you to stay focused and drive your business. Jointly seizing the opportunity to become a market leader.

“Torqx started an ambitious buy-and-build strategy with the acquisition of Hoco Parts in 2017. Over the past years PDG has executed a focused agenda to complete over 13 acquisitions and build a group that works together to accelerate growth and build out its leadership positions across the broader B2B and B2C value chains in its relevant markets.”

Bryan Smaal, CFO of PDG

We help you to outperform competition, not just in scale

Because we have been involved in many successful buy-and-build cases, we know the importance of a strong partnership between management and investors. Therefore we give considerable attention to the development of a joint buy-a-build strategy. And ready the platform for a step up in scale by strengthening its organization and systems.

In parallel helping you to identify the most attractive assets available with the use of our own detailed analysis and comprehensive market review. Always keeping a close eye on preventing common pitfalls such as incompatible business models, cultures and systems. Once a positive decision is made on an add-on investment, we help to realize the acquisition, from negotiation to integration. For it is our aim to have the acquired companies truly operating as one, to become the market leader in proposition as well as in size.

Case: Built a leading European platform through 13 acquisitions within 4 years

The perspective of Tom Beyers, Executive Chairman of PDG

“The market for technical distribution of motorcycle parts and accessories is fragmented within Europe with a few larger platforms active mainly regionally in Europe. Torqx saw the opportunity to drive the European consolidation through a focused buy-and-build strategy to combine various strategic add-ons in interesting segments of the value chain.

Together with the Torqx team, we have built the group to market leading positions the B2B distribution of parts and accessories in Western Europe. Through Motorcycle Storehouse (MCS) we have also built a leading global B2B position for imperial motorcycle parts and accessories. A strong addition to the group has been our unique and international (online) B2C position in vintage parts serving a loyal community of vintage enthusiasts and specialists worldwide. The group is further strengthened by an attractive assortment of strong proprietary brands in certain product categories supplying our own and third-party B2B distributors.

From the start, Torqx understood that for this group to be successful it was key that we select the right acquisitions and after closing a transaction we create an environment in which integrations are truly value accretive to the group and the synergies between companies are realized. With their support, we were able to build PDG into the current form where we have best-in-class capabilities with regards to supply chain logistics, integrated IT backbone, brand management, e-commerce and commercial excellence. Their support in both driving the M&A agenda as well as investing in the organization to build out the group was crucial to its current success. We look forward to continuing the execution of the further buy-and-build opportunity across Europe.”

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Growth investments

Finding the right match, in every sense of the word

Through the years, the Torqx team has been involved in numerous growth investments. Supporting companies to move into new markets, open new branches or invest in production assets.

During these expansions we’ve always worked side-by-side with the management teams, to quickly understand the intricacies of their business and build on their competitive edge. This analytical but pragmatic approach allows us to make quick and transparent investment decisions.

“Thankfully, the Torqx team saw the opportunity to create the leading European platform for all specialist pest treatment services by scaling up and professionalizing what used to be a locally focused business in Antwerp.”

Filip Herremans, CEO at Intreso Group BV

Achieved an undisputed leading position in an accelerated timeline

From the perspective of Filip Herremans, CEO at Intreso Group BV

For a long time, the European market for high-spec pest treatment solutions was highly fragmented consisting of smaller ‘local champions’ that lacked the organization to scale up and attract large business opportunities. Thankfully, the Torqx team saw the opportunity to create the leading European platform for all specialist pest treatment services by scaling up and professionalizing what used to be a locally focused business in Antwerp.

Torqx supported our plan all the way ranging from making critical investments in the organization to providing support in hiring the key personnel and implementing an essential IT infrastructure to enable metrics-based decision-making. Intreso’s focus was brought back to its strategic objective: to create the foundation to roll out advanced non-toxic treatment methods across different ports in Europe and to pursue strategic investments such as the Descroes and Fumico merger in the Benelux and the strategic acquisition of DDD in Slovenia to cover the Adriatic region. Thanks to the close cooperation between Torqx and the management team, over a period of 3 years we created the largest player capable of delivering high-spec treatment solutions in Europe.