Welcome to Torqx Capital Partners

Who we are

We are Torqx. A team of seasoned investment professionals that looks beyond spreadsheets and understands what it takes to do business. We are pragmatic and entrepreneurial. Working closely together with executives and entrepreneurs to expand, improve or transform their enterprise. By doing so, we help them to create momentum and enhance performance. Leading to better results and better companies.

The Torqx approach

Torqx invests in medium-sized companies headquartered in the Benelux with significant value creation potential. Funding situations which include growth-, buy-and-build-, performance improvement-, carve-out, turnaround- and transformation scenarios.

We are active in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, distribution and services, leveraging the broad experience of our team. Typically acquiring majority positions based on partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams. Apart from providing companies with smart capital, we also offer them our network, expertise and talent. All to help achieve their full potential.

The Torqx Investors

Torqx has backing from large and highly reputable international institutional investors. Moreover, all members of the Torqx team itself co-invest a significant amount underlining our strong commitment to the companies we take part in. Out of our funds we invest in medium-sized companies that have the potential to become leaders in their field. Using our experience, our network and our resources to help them get there. And we have no limits to potential upscaling.