Commercial acceleration

Fuel for a growing business

Ever since its foundation, your company has grown autonomously. Reaching milestone after milestone and showing good results. But at this point, you are contemplating further strengthening and expansion of your organization. Asking yourself if your business can continue to grow on its own or if it requires external funding to keep pace with demand.

These types of investments can make or break a business. So they need to be made carefully, to ensure your expansion plans will actually create more value. On the other hand, you don’t want to lose momentum. Which means that your equity partner should have the analytical skills to grasp your plans as well as the decisiveness to sprint along with you.

“Having a true sparring partner that has a deep understanding of our sector helps us to excel and accelerate the growth of our business.”

Laurens Engbers, CEO of Fri-Jado

Finding the right match, in every sense of the word

Through the years, the Torqx team has been involved in numerous growth investments. Supporting companies to move into new markets, open new branches or invest in production assets.

During these expansions we’ve always worked side-by-side with the management teams, to quickly understand the intricacies of their business and build on their competitive edge. This analytical but pragmatic approach allows us to make quick and transparent investment decisions.

The right sparring partner to accelerate

The perspective of Laurens Engbers, CEO of Fri-Jado

From the day that we entered into a partnership with Torqx we started the relocation of our production facility from Etten-Leur to a brand new energy neutral facility in Oud-Gastel suitable to accommodate our growth plans. Although this large project seemed daunting at first, Torqx’ experience really helped to make this go as smooth as possible.

Together we set the ambition to further grow Fri-Jado by broadening its product portfolio, entering new end markets and expanding our international sales capacity. Torqx actively support us by helping to onboard the required talent into our company but also refining our commercial strategy with sharp analysis and market insights. Having a true sparring partner that has a deep understanding of our sector helps us to excel and accelerate the growth of our business.

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Performance improvement

A wider view on your options

The Torqx team consists of highly experienced and skilled professionals. Able to offer a wider view on your business, without overlooking the specifics of your industry. Our improvement strategies are based on in-depth analyses to focus your efforts on the end goal. In this supporting role we have helped many companies with various innovation, operational, marketing & sales and expansion projects.

We are pragmatic in our approach and therefore quick in decision making. Aligning all parties involved and putting theory into practice. This allows you to build on the momentum you have already created. Backed by the funding and support to get the job done.

"Together with Torqx we have made major steps in increasing Fabory’s profitability and accelerating its growth momentum; the Company runs much more effective which goes hand in hand with an organization that feels engaged and is empowered."

René Pit, CFO at Fabory

Case: Back to historical profitability

The perspective of René Pit, CFO at Fabory.

Under its former ownership Fabory was not a core focus, resulting in deteriorated performance far under its full potential. Torqx acquired the business in 2020 and has enabled Fabory to change its strategy back to Fabory’s historical core business as a fastener specialist.

Together we improved our topline performance by re-aligning our value proposition and implementing an end market-based commercial organization, supported by further investing in digitalization of our go-to-market and supply chain operations. Furthermore, we drove margin improvement by executing a value-based pricing strategy and removing excess (overhead) costs on the back of simplifying and automating our internal processes.