Corporate divestitures

Disentangle your business without any loose ends

Sometimes a business gets stuck within a corporate organization. Especially if it is deemed a non-core activity. The solution can be to disentangle it from the parent company and opt for a spin-out. A process in which a reliable and experienced buyer can make all the difference, because operational and financial credibility are key for success.

From dealing with the outgoing shareholders’ separation concerns, to creating the best possible result for employees. At Torqx we know what is needed to successfully detach your businesses, by acting swiftly and confidentially upholding our reputation as a trusted counterpart in spin-out transactions.

“Together with Torqx we turned 7 stand-alone operating companies into an integrated company that can offer the full spectrum of connectivity expertise, products and services and in doing so created a leading, unique and differentiated player in a fragmented market.”

Wouter-Jan van der Wurff, CEO at the Cable Connectivity Group

From a group of non-core assets to an integrated market leader

The perspective of Wouter-Jan van der Wurff (CEO) and Derk Veraar (CFO) at the Cable Connectivity Group

Before the creation of the Cable Connectivity Group, virtually no synergies existed between the separate operating companies. Moreover, the focus of the former parent lied with other assets which resulted in a lack of strategic direction to bring these companies forward in a growing and changing market.

Together with Torqx we realized a successful carve-out and integration agenda and created the Cable Connectivity Group from these stand-alone operating companies. The Torqx team has been closely involved and acted as a trusted and experienced advisor helping us to successfully drive the carve-out and integration.

Currently, CCG is enjoying great growth momentum as a fully integrated player, with shared values and customer centric goals, that can offer the full spectrum of technical expertise, products and services in specialty cables and connectivity solutions. We are today the third largest player in a fragmented European market and are only at the beginning of our exciting growth journey.