The knowledge and the nerve to change.

We live in a fast-paced society with ever-changing markets and competitive arenas. For instance driven by globalization or new technologies. Therefore companies need to be able to adapt to an increasingly dynamic environment. Even if it means changing their existing business model altogether.

However, transforming a company is not for the fainthearted. For it often involves major adjustments to a wide range of operational and financial aspects. As a result, it can be challenging to find an investment company with the knowledge and the nerve to support your plans for change.

“Contrary to our previous owners, the investment team saw the potential of our ideas. This allowed us to revolutionize floricultural breeding and make a step change in our business model.”

Harry Kloppenburg, CCO at Dümmen Orange

Sharing the risk, before sharing the benefits.

The Torqx team has supported many business transformations. Due to our extensive experience, we are well-equipped to understand and assess the most important implications of the changes involved.

From arranging the required funds to managing the project, we can help you meet all the requirements for a successful execution. Sharing the effort and the risk, before sharing the benefits.

Case: Starting a revolution.

The perspective of Biense Visser, Harry Kloppenburg and Roger Gerritzen, CEO, CCO and Head of M&A at Dümmen Orange.

For many decades, floriculturists stuck to their traditional breeding methods. Growing flowers or plants and crossing them until they would end up with a new and better variety. This trial and error method may have worked, but it was hardly an answer to the changing demands in our market. So we wanted to introduce the more advanced breeding techniques, that were already being applied to fruits and vegetables.

Contrary to our previous owners, the investment team saw the potential of our ideas. Leading to a strategic investment in an experienced breeding technology company. This allowed us to revolutionize the industry and make a step change in our business model. Using a much more controllable breeding method for seeds and yearlings (‘stekjes’), which resulted in a higher yield and a reduced use of pesticides.

“The investment team took the risk to support the conversion of our second paper machine. As a result we can now cater to the growing demand in shipping boxes used by e-commerce businesses.”

Geert Wassens, former Managing Director Parenco

Case: Online news gave us trouble. Online shopping gives us a future.

The perspective of Geert Wassens, Raymond Jolink and Hans van Dam, former Managing Director, Director Supply Chain and Finance & IT Director at Parenco.

Our previous owners were determined to become the leading producers of newsprint in Europe. But when they reached their goal, the market for this type of paper was already dwindling. The growing importance of online news led to a decline in newspaper sales. Resulting in cut-throat competition among producers.

At Parenco we had anticipated this development and countered it by offering other varieties of publishing paper. However, if Parenco was to have a promising future we had to do more than just increase the volume of these products. So we started to work on plans to convert our second paper machine into a Testliner machine. This type of paper has the thickness and the quality needed for the production of corrugated boxes and packages. A rapidly growing market, due to the rise of e-commerce. Thankfully, the investment team saw the potential of the conversion and took the risk to support us. Arranging the 100 million euros required to complete the job and negotiating a lump-sum turn-key solution with our supplier.