Performance improvement

The best chance to do better.

The industry you operate in is doing well. Your overall business is solid. Nonetheless, you would like your firm to do even better. Contrary to intuition, businesses that are already doing well typically show a greater potential to improve their performance even further. The reason being that they have already built the momentum to innovate, improve their products, review their marketing approaches and focus on new growth opportunities.

The challenge then becomes to focus on those initiatives that will create the most value. Without getting distracted by every opportunity that presents itself.

An investment partner can help you to do this. By supporting you to make the right step-changes in performance.

A wider view on your options.

The Torqx team consists of highly experienced and skilled professionals. Able to offer a wider view on your business, without overlooking the specifics of your industry. Our improvement strategies are based on in-depth analyses to focus your efforts on the end goal. In this supporting role we have helped many companies with various innovation, operational, marketing & sales and expansion projects.
We are pragmatic in our approach and therefore quick in decision making. Aligning all parties involved and putting theory into practice. This allows you to build on the momentum you have already created. Backed by the funding and support to get the job done.

Case: A surprisingly good view.

The perspective of Adriaan Roggeveen (former CEO), Marc Welling (former COO) and Hans Kruijer (former CFO) at Sator

Before we talked to the investment team about performance improvements we were a bit reluctant. For what would these financial guys know about automotive spare parts business? However, we soon changed our opinion when we saw that they really understood our business model and made a sharp analysis of the points we could improve. Even teaching us ‘old dogs’ a new trick or two in the process.

This allowed us to increase our stock rotation, tweak the efficiency of our organization and use less working capital to get more income. Meaning that our well-maintained company ran even better after the team helped us with the tuning.

“Before we talked to the investment team we thought: what do these guys know about the spare parts business? However, we soon changed our opinion, when we saw that they really understood our business and made a sharp analysis of the points we could improve.”

Adriaan Roggeveen, CEO at Sator automotive

Case: Send-off excellence.

The perspective of Matthias Oppermann, Operations Director at JET Group.

The primary goal of our partnership with the investment team was to build one group from a cluster of complementary companies. A process which also gave us the opportunity to look at the performance of each of these businesses and improve it. Not that they weren’t doing well, but we knew that they could do even better. Especially, if we would succeed in combining their strengths and eliminate potential weaknesses.

The first thing we did, was to remove the overlap between the companies. This meant we had to phase out brands, reduce the product portfolio and alter the work streams. While doing so, we focused on each of the company’s assets and centralized all activities of one kind in one location. A way of working we refer to as ’send-off excellence,’ as it allows every business within our group to be dedicated to what they’re best at.

In the new situation, we now have four main companies who each have their specialty. This considerably changed our operational footprint, defragmented our logistics and improved the proposition for our customers. Something we couldn’t have done without the helping hands of the investment team, as we worked closely together to structure the processes and make things happen.

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Heading for problems?
Let’s turn them around.

A lack of performance, disappointing figures and (potential) financing issues are hardly the stuff that investors’ dreams are made of. But when the right actions are taken, such setbacks can turn for the better.

Although companies often have the solution in mind, their cash and equity position may no longer accommodate any restructuring investments. Meaning that they need an investment partner who can fund and support them promptly, to help turn their problems around.

Changes that work.

The Torqx team has first-hand experience in restructuring companies. Helping to break the downward spiral and return them back to health. We do so, by stabilizing its finances and helping to achieve positive cash flows. Allowing for the improvement of the core business, once the dust has settled. As our aim of restructuring is always to realize a sustainable solution, we provide the funds, people and tools to refocus on growth and build companies that are ready for what lies ahead.

“Because the investment team involved our employees and the unions from day one, all stakeholders understood the urgency and agreed to support the course of action.”

Raymond Jolink, former Director Supply Chain at Parenco

Case: Tough decisions for a better future.

The perspective of Geert Wassens, Raymond Jolink and Hans van Dam, former Managing Director, Director Supply Chain and Finance & IT Director at Parenco.

When we first got in touch with the investment team, our paper factory had already been through some tough times. Hardly a surprise, when you know that we operate a commodity – and therefore a cost focused – business, in a declining market.

Considering our situation, it was clear that we needed to restructure to give Parenco a real future. So we worked together on a plan to optimize efficiency in production and reduce our payroll spending.

As the latter meant we needed to lay off staff, it was a difficult call to make. Especially for a company that can pride itself on a loyal workforce. But because the investment team had involved our employees and the unions from day one, all stakeholders understood the urgency to restructure. So they agreed to support the course of action, before the transaction was closed.