Great businesses need more than capital.
They need momentum.

Welcome to Torqx. The investment company that looks
beyond spreadsheets and actively supports businesses to become great companies.

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How we create momentum.

In doing business with us, you can expect a team that is entrepreneurial, creative, energetic and trustworthy. We create extra-ordinary value in partnership with management teams by building businesses that beat competition for the long run. Whilst we are sector-agnostic, we are specialists in developing winning strategies and accelerating organizations by empowering its people in the front line. We differentiate ourselves by truly investing in businesses, rather than just acquiring them. We help set clear priorities by reducing complexity. We can bring new talent, support in data analytics, share winning experiences in commerce and operations, and support the drive to action. We like challenges, we do not follow the herd, we develop true insight and we see opportunities where others don´t. We dislike bureaucracy and technocracy. Our people are world class with deep experience and extensive expertise. In style, we are pragmatic, no-nonsense, honest, open and direct. We build partnerships based on trust and teaming. And above all, we create winning teams with shared passion and joy!

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We don’t just invest in businesses.
We invest in partnerships.

If you truly want a business to reach new heights, flying solo is not an option. Therefore, we become partners of the companies we work with. Operating as a team to ensure the right strategy, structure and support are in place to throttle up and get plans off the ground.

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Highly experienced professionals with a down-to-earth mentality.

We are a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals with a down-to-earth approach. Known for our sharp analyses, valuable insights, no-nonsense decision making and deep expertise in markets and business processes. To support our companies, we bring a network of world-class experts and strategic partners. Our mutual drive to build successful businesses has led to a track record that is among the best in the investment industry.

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