Great businesses need
more than capital.
They need momentum.

How we create momentum

We are an entrepreneurial, creative, energetic and trustworthy partner. We create extra-ordinary value in partnership with management teams by building businesses that beat competition for the long run. We are specialists in developing winning strategies and accelerating and empowering organizations and its people. We help set clear priorities, reduce complexity and amplify the drive to action. We build partnerships based on trust and teaming. And above all, we create winning teams with shared passion and joy!

Our approach

Growth is good. But if you see an opportunity to further accelerate expansion, that’s even better. A strong equity partner can be realizing your..

The industry you operate in is performing Your overall business performance is solid. Nonetheless, you would like your business to do even better..

It might be that your ambitions are trapped in a corporate straight jacket. It might be that you’re trying to find a new owner for a non-core division..

Transformational investment cases often have little supporting evidence. Transformational moves are rarely tried and tested…

Experienced and driven investment professionals

A team of 15 investment professionals with a broad diversity and complementary experience and expertise. We understand what it takes to do business. Torqx’s greatest strength is our passion to build successful businesses together. This ultimately results in sustainable success.



The Netherlands

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1401 AC Bussum


Desguinlei 100
2018 Antwerpen

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