Torqx Capital Partners announces the acquisition of Autowas H2O, Bubbles Carwash and XXL Carwash

Torqx Capital Partners (“Torqx”) started a new initiative in the carwash sector with the acquisition of Autowas H2O and Bubbles Carwash. The new venture exists of five premium carwash locations located in Leiden, Leiderdorp, Spijkenisse, Rotterdam and Zoetermeer. Hein Castelijns has been appointed as Managing Director of the group as of April. Founders Hans Lenting and Martin van Poortvliet of Autowas H2O will take a step back.

The new carwash group will be strengthened straightaway with the acquisition of XXL Carwash in The Hague – one of the biggest carwashes in the area. The opportunity to acquire XXL Carwash was granted to Torqx by Martin and Onno Middeldorp, two highly respected entrepreneurs with a rich family history in the carwash industry.

Hein is highly enthusiastic about the developments and says: “We are delighted about XXL Carwash The Hague joining our group and feel honoured that Martin and Onno have entrusted us with their family heritage. XXL Carwash is a great company ran by fantastic people and hence it enjoys an excellent reputation. The combined carwashes of Autowas H2O and XXL Carwash are a perfect match, both in terms of geography as well as their reputation for quality. Together we’re building a new carwash group that provides an outstanding customer experience strengthened by efficient and sustainable operations.”

The acquisitions of Autowas H2O and XXL Carwash The Hague fit the ambition of Torqx to build the Benelux champion in premium carwashes. David van Hasselt, Investment Director at Torqx: “We have been following the carwash industry for several years and have built a large network of entrepreneurs, suppliers, marketing specialists and other experts in the industry. With Autowas H2O and XXL Carwash The Hague we have a strong presence in the province South-Holland from which we can further shape our ambitions in the carwash industry. We are looking forward to working together with more entrepreneurs to further expand the new carwash group.”

About Autowas H2O and Bubbles Carwash
Autowas H2O and Bubbles Carwash consist of a group of five premium carwash locations in Leiden, Leiderdorp, Spijkenisse, Rotterdam and Zoetermeer. The locations are characterized by their advanced installations, premium appearance and enthusiastic personnel. Hence, H2O can count on the loyalty of their customers who are even willing to take a detour for the excellent carwash experience, high quality and good service. Autowas H2O is founded by Hans Lenting and Martin van Poortvliet who, because of their excellent entrepreneurship, have developed Autowas H2O from a single location to a strong chain consisting of five carwashes.

About XXL Carwash
XXL Carwash consists of three carwashes located in The Hague, Alphen aan den Rijn and Muiden. The location in The Hague is one of the biggest carwashes in the region as it operates two lanes of 50m and has 36 covered places for vacuuming cars. In 2021 the facility was expanded with a second carwash lane, thereby doubling its capacity and eliminating any waiting time for the customer. The location is also equipped with an extensive water recycling installation and 400 solar panels ensuring virtually 100% sustainable washing. XXL Carwash is known for its high quality result and its excellent service from personnel. Owned by the brothers Onno and Martin Middeldorp, XXL Carwash is a true family company with 40 years of history in professional carwash.