Claro Carwash strengthens its network with XXL Muiden

Claro Carwash (“Claro”) and the owners of the XXL group proudly and enthusiastically announce the acquisition of XXL Muiden – the iconic car wash located at the entrance of the popular Maxis Muiden shopping center. Since 1985, this location has been a go-to spot for car washing, making XXL Muiden one of the oldest conveyor belt locations in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, significant changes have occurred in the surrounding area, including the development of two large residential neighborhoods. Moreover, the Maxis site itself has been undergoing complete renovation since late 2023. It’s high time to thoroughly modernize the car wash, presenting a great challenge for the Claro team.

The former owners of XXL Muiden, Martin and Onno Middeldorp, view the acquisition by Claro as the right next step for the car wash. “With the renovation plans, a natural moment has arisen for us to entrust XXL Muiden to the Claro team, with whom we had an excellent experience during the acquisition of our location in The Hague. We are confident that they will approach XXL Muiden with as much energy and passion as we have over the past 40 years,” says Onno Middeldorp.

Hein Castelijns, the CEO of Claro Carwash, expresses great enthusiasm about the acquisition and looks forward to the planned renovations and upgrades at XXL Muiden. He emphasizes the positive outlook for a new and exciting phase, aiming to elevate the car wash to a higher standard in collaboration with the local team. This acquisition serves as a splendid expansion for the Claro group.

About XXL Muiden: Upgrade for a new era

XXL Muiden, with nearly four decades of car wash history, has built a reputation as a high-quality car wash. The planned upgrade includes adding more vacuum spots, a new hall, and sustainability investments. This investment will lead to an overall refresh of the car wash and its surrounding premises. This positions XXL Muiden to be ready for the coming years and the increasing number of households in the area while maintaining the strong local team and the quality customers are accustomed to.

About Claro Carwash

Claro Carwash is a group of high-end car washes within the portfolio of Torqx Capital Partners. The company currently operates thirteen car washes in the Netherlands under the brand names Claro Carwash, Wasdas, Clean in 60 meters, iClean Carwash Naarden, and XXL Muiden. With the addition of XXL Muiden, Claro is capable of providing an even larger audience with an excellent car wash experience. The locations are known for their advanced and luxurious facilities, coupled with teams of enthusiastic employees ready to offer the best customer experience. Claro aspires to further expand the group, in collaboration with car wash entrepreneurs, into a champion in the Benelux.