Claro Carwash further expands the group with the addition of Matz Carwash

Claro Carwash (“Claro”) and Martin Kniest, the owner of Matz Carwash, are delighted to announce the acquisition of Matz Carwash. Located in Deventer and Zutphen, Matz Carwash consists of two high-quality car washes with a fantastic appearance and a strong team. Customer friendliness is a top priority at Matz, and the locations are characterized by extensive services. Everyone is welcome, including those looking for employment. Matz is a splendid example of successful social entrepreneurship, and Claro is proud to continue the legacy of Matz.

For many, this comes as a surprise, but for Martin, it’s a process that started two years ago. “Through our beautiful documentaries ‘De Wasstraat’ and ‘Bij ons op het AZC’, I discovered where my true passion and dream lie: ‘making a difference.’ My goal is to spread this story across the entire country, encouraging businesses, institutions, and the government to think differently about people with support needs and those who have had to leave their countries due to war or other life-threatening situations. In good consultation with the Washelden and everyone at Matz Carwash, I have definitively decided this week to proudly pass the torch to Claro. I am confident that Claro will ensure that the working method and passion for people will reach an even higher level.”

Hein Castelijns, CEO of Claro Carwash, looks forward to the close collaboration with the existing team. Hein emphasizes that Claro is determined to continue the success of Matz Carwash.

About Claro Carwash

Claro Carwash is a group of high-quality car washes part of the Torqx Capital Partners portfolio. The company currently operates fifteen car washes in the Netherlands under the brand names Claro Carwash, Wasdas, Clean in 60 meters, iClean Carwash Naarden, XXL Carwash Muiden, and Matz Carwash. With the addition of Matz, Claro is capable of providing an even larger audience with an excellent car washing experience. The locations are known for their advanced and luxurious facilities, combined with teams of enthusiastic employees ready to offer the best customer experience. Claro aims to further expand the group, in collaboration with car wash entrepreneurs, into a champion in the Benelux.